Monday, August 27, 2012

Spelling Celebration

August 27, 2012

WOW!    First spelling test 11 students got 100% and 2 only missed one.  That is an event worth celebrating.  Please look at your student’s spelling tests each week.  Sign them and return them the next day.

Spelling lists come home one Monday.  Post-tests are given on Friday.

First Days of School 2012

Welcome to Thinking in Third

August 26, 2012


Another school year has begun, and I want to thank you for sharing your precious children with me.  From what I’ve learned these first few days, this is going to be an exciting, rewarding adventure in learning for all of us.  This class is amazing, each bringing their own personalities, strengths, and challenges with them to class.  They are delightful.  I look forward to helping your child grow and getting to know all of you.

This blog is meant to communicate with you about the learning journey your child is experiencing this year.   Our communication is key to your child’s success.  We are a team working together to build the best program for your child.  Our notes, phone calls, and face to face visits continue to be important, but through this blog I hope to include a calendar listing upcoming events and activities your child can do at home to supplement and enrich their learning.  I hope to have the students involved in sharing news from school and products demonstrating their success.   We will be sharing pictures from time to time and videos of the students in action. 

This is a growing process for me, so please be patient.  If you have any suggestions you would like to see, I am open to ideas.  Thanks for all your support.  

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